> State-Enhancer: Could providing feedback on your mental state improve your ability to maintain that state? Can relaxation or mediation be assisted by playing music that increases in volume as the mind relaxes? Would it be possible to let someone know when they’re in need of a mental break? This project looks to answer these questions with an app that provides continuous feedback to the user, based on their brain state.

> Goodbye, negativity: Design and develop a fun, meaningful, and non-trivial neurofeedback game for negative thought patterns.

> Mind-controlled droid: Connecting a droid to a EEG headset. Map four moves (forward, backward, right, left) to 4 different mind states. Controlling it with the mind. Connecting it to a sensors like voice recording, photo, which is activated on command (with other brain states)

> Stay Awake: This project will track the user’s waking state. When the user starts to nod off the system will alert the user, change the music, etc.


Picture by baggleboy

> NeuroSync: Using the NeuroSky Mobile Mind Wave within a gaming environment, we will design & implement induction techniques such as binaural beats, isochronic tones, subliminal, and guided meditation in order to facilitate specific brainwave states. The project will collect data that can be analyzed to determine the most effect brainwave states.

> Auditory EEG Assessment: A program based on auditory evoked potentials in EEG. The primary idea is to create a portable app that informally assesses hearing (loss) using mismatch negativity instead of the overt responses used in normal hearing assessments.

> Movement Sonificator:

1. Create a 3d motion capture and sonification system, translating a person’s hand movements in real­time into sound patterns.
2. Measure brain activity with electroencephalography (EEG) to assess short­ and long­term neuronal plastic changes related to the person’s training with this system.
3. Use online EEG during training as a brain­computer interface (BCI) to navigate between different specific parts of a training plan

> Neuro-telepathy: using BCI to “connect” people’s minds


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Or check out the past Brainihack project list for some inspiration.